Case Management

Case Management Services

Serving Seniors & Caregivers In Lincoln and Wayne County, WV

Lincoln County Opportunity Company, Inc. is able to assist clients receiving in-home care by providing access to a broad range of valuable resources they may not be aware of, as well as advocacy and oversight of services being provided. The goal is to promote the best interests of each program participant with services conveniently provided in the comfort of home. Our case managers are not only trained and experienced, but dedicated and caring professionals. They can provide a wealth of knowledge and support to you and your family in Lincoln and Wayne County, WV.

Community Service Referrals, Monitoring, Advocacy, and Care Plans

Older adults living independently or with a caregiver can benefit from the reassurance and compassionate support of our Case Management Services. From offering help with maintaining independence to accessing social, personal care, and medical support, participants receive quality care integration that can help them successfully enjoy life in the comfort of home for as long as possible. Our case management services are designed to empower and support older Wayne and Lincoln County residents and their families by providing access to numerous beneficial resources and services.

  • Community Service Referrals
  • Screenings and Assessments
  • Monitoring and Reassessments
  • Care Plans
  • Help Choosing the Best In-Home Care
  • Long-Term Care Counseling
  • Participant Advocacy Services
  • Evaluation of Needs
  • Support for Navigating Service Programs

Case Management Services Are Required Under the Waiver Program

Eligibility – Case Management Services

Case Management services are required for participants of the Medicaid Aged & Disabled Waiver Program. All physically and/or mentally frail In-Home Personal Care clients and their caregivers are eligible for case management services (as appropriate).

Contact Lincoln County Opportunity Company, Inc.

If you are interested in care coordination through our Case Management Services, please contact us to learn more or schedule an assessment. You may reach us through our online contact form or by calling Lincoln County Opportunity Company, Inc. at: (304) 824-3448.